In this category we include all types of antique or vintage Chinese utility carriers, most from the late Qing dynasty. Many of these pieces were made to serve a specific purpose, such as the antique Chinese food baskets, some that stack up and are carried in a frame with a raised handle.

The antique Chinese water buckets saw a lot of use since there was no running water. People would have to make daily trips to the river to bring each days supply.

Antique woven baskets came in many shapes and sizes, and could have been used as grain carriers or apple baskets.

One of the more unusual pieces we have are the shoe buckets, which may be different styles but have the same general size and shape.

These old pieces would serve many purposes in daily life other than what they were made for.

Often these containers show the artistic skills of the craftsmen who made them, and they could have been acquired as wedding presents.

Today these pieces make unusual decorations and conversation pieces. Their size allows them to fit in almost any room, including powder rooms, where they can as small storage containers.

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