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Antique Asian Altar Sofa Console Tables (55″ and Longer)

All antique Chinese or Asian tables that are 55″ or longer are grouped into this category. We feel a lot of the terms describing these table have lost their original meanings and can be confusing. When you have a specific space to fill with a table, calling something an antique console table or an antique sofa table may not matter to you.  The size of the table is more what matters to you, so we decided to  sort the tables by length, or as some people may call width.

If you are looking for Antique Asian Altar Sofa Console Tables that are shorter than 55″, you will find them here.

Some of the antique Chinese tables in this section may have a single or multiple row of drawers, but many do not.  There are a lot of tables referred to as antique Chinese altar tables, but this is another confusing term that can have little meaning to most people who just want an unusual table that is not going to look like the thousands of other table bought at the big box furniture stores.

If you are looking for an Asian style table, but do not care if  the table is a restored antique, we also have some other tables listed in our reproduction furniture section.

We have seen some customers adapt these longer Antique Chinese Tables as unusual vanities with vessel sinks.  The results are beautiful and you are sure to get lots of compliments.

We hope you find it helpful that we have divided our tables this way, and we are always looking for ways to improve your shopping experience. Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

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Antique Asian Altar tables, Antique Asian Console Tables, Antique Asian Sofa Tables, Long Antique Asian Tables.

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Antique Chinese Altar, Sofa & Console Tables (55" and Longer)

Vintage 71 inch Long Black Asian Buffet Cabinet Table


Antique Chinese Altar, Sofa & Console Tables (55" and Longer)

Antique Chinese 58 inch long 5 Drawer 21 inch tall Kang Table

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Antique Chinese Altar, Sofa & Console Tables (55" and Longer)

Asian 77 inch Long Altar Console Sofa Table